What We Love About Rosendale

  We met up yesterday for a very hands-on review all of the responses we have gotten (so far) to one question, “What do you love about Rosendale?” People love the small-town feel, the location, the scenic beauty, the friendly (and eclectic) people, the library, the festivals and the fantastic places to eat. We truly have a gem here.

  Since this is such a lovely place to call home, many people say that they want Rosendale to stay the same, and then go on to list what else they would like to see here. The same, but with more places to get a cheap beer. The same, but with a dog park. The same, but more things to do as a family. The same, but with more shops open on Main Street, and more places to live affordably.

  Like everyone, and everywhere, Rosendale is and has always been changing! Fortunately for us, it has been able to maintain the same spirit. To ensure that a place stays “the same,” there is much that has to be put in place. The opinions we are getting about Rosendale, from the people of Rosendale, will help us to keep the spirit of Rosendale the same. Let’s plan for positive change together, with intention, and with everyone having a seat at the table. How Rosendale is that?

  If you haven’t yet filled out a Postcard to Rosendale, please do so here, and for those of you willing to do a Story-Gathering interview, and to volunteer, you’ll be hearing from us soon!

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