Involve Everyone
What Matters Most
Play the Long Game

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This is how we begin to learn what our community thinks of our community. Write a postcard and tell us what you think. When you are done, you’ll be able to read everybody else’s postcards, too!
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Who We Are

We are enthusiastic Rosendalians. We are your neighbors and friends. The mission of Rosendale Heart and Soul is to engage the people of Rosendale in shaping the future of our town. We will seek out the full diversity of people who live, work and play in Rosendale and together employ our collective wisdom to envision and plan for the future.

What is Rosendale Heart & Soul?

It’s grassroots town planning – by Rosendalians for Rosendale. It’s an activist, two-year program developed by the national nonprofit organization Community Heart & Soul. We think their model is a great fit for Rosendale!

Involve Everyone

We begin with census data to ensure that each person has the opportunity to take part. Everyone who lives, works, or plays in Rosendale can take part, including businesses and local government.

What Matters Most

Trained community volunteers gather stories and interviews, share them among the community, glean what’s most important, and collect action ideas based on our collective genius.

Play the Long Game

Action ideas are developed into an action plan. Businesses and government are cultivated to help bring the plans to fruition. Citizen stewardship is instituted.

Questions? Reach out to us!