Rosendale Heart and Soul Interviews

Central to Rosendale Heart and Souls’ mission is to gather stories and ideas about Rosendale for the community to better understand itself. Our goal is to have collected 2,000 interviews by September 2024!

Rosendale Heart and Soul interview. Photo: G Philippas

We hear a lot of life stories in these interviews, which help us focus on what can make Rosendale an even better place to live.

For instance:

Kathleen: And aside from affordable housing, is there anything else that you would envision wanting
to change here or need more of or envision? Like in five years, what would you desire?
Anything, anything, don’t, you know…
J: Taco Bell.
Kathleen: A Taco Bell. Okay, that’s real. Anything is sky’s the limit here.
J: I want a Taco Bell. Other than that, no.

Maria:Do you have any ideas for Rosendale? If it were yours to choose, would you have any ideas or things you’d like to see?
M: I mean, in terms of, like, businesses, in terms of, like…
Maria: Yes – Everything. What do you miss?
M: A taco place would be really nice.
Maria: A Taco place.

[taken from actual interviews]

Clearly, we should be pushing for a Taco restaurant.

The Interview questions are close to what we ask on our postcard (or virtual postcard as the case may be), but of course, live interviews have much more space for ideas and bcak-and-forth.

I’d like to be interviewed!

That’s great! R H&S can often be found in our tent at the Rosendale Farmer’s market, in front of Stewarts and My Town at Fann’s Plaza, and at various other events. We also put on events that are fun, often includes some snacks, and also have an interview possibility available. But if you’d like to schedule an interview, you can use this scheduler to check when we can meet with you.

This Looks Like Fun! Can I Be An Interviewer Too?

Great idea! Contact us at so you can get into our intrepid pool of interviewers and get a little training on the best ways to elicit the best quality responses! You can record the interviews with your phone and send them to us.