Call for Local Support – May 2023 Pledge Drive!

Call for Local Support – May 2023 Pledge Drive!

You are Invited to Support Rosendale Heart & Soul in our Mission To help shape the future of Rosendale by actively seeking the collective wisdom of all.

Our Goals

  • Strengthen the social, cultural, and economic vibrancy of our town and protect our natural resources.
  • Engage and reconnect residents, build trust by finding common ground.
  • Reenergize businesses and institutions, rekindle a sense of community worth.
  • Encourage new volunteers and leaders and improve local decision-making.

Why This, Why Now?

  • Rosendale Heart & Soul was created in the spring of 2022 by the Rosendale Economic Development Committee.
  • Our model comes from the national non-profit Community Heart & Soul, an Orton Family Foundation (Vermont Country Store) community development initiative that successfully implemented in over 90 small towns in 22 states.
  • Rosendale has been hit hard economically and socially by the Covid pandemic: eg. surging housing prices, struggling small and family-run businesses, declining industry investments, and floundering communications.
  • Within the Heart & Soul framework of four phases, diverse community members share our concerns and visions. We collaborate practically and playfully; we grow trust, build bridges and cultivate resilience.
  • Over 100 Rosendale volunteers have laid the foundation of the project, preparing for the 2023 public launch, with open meetings twice monthly, in person and via Zoom.
  • We are endorsed by the Rosendale Town Board and are under the fiscal sponsorship of the Good Work Institute.

What’s Coming Up?

  • Next steps include gathering stories from residents throughout Rosendale’s village and hamlets to create a Community Action Plan to be implemented by a combination of local government, businesses and civic groups.
  • The estimated two-year budget is ~$90k. Organizers currently have commitments totaling ~$16k, with pending applications to foundations with aligned priorities.

How Do I Learn More & Stay In The Loop?

How Can We Support This Process Now?

  • Pledges for tax-deductible donations of $250+ by May 31, 2023 will best help us match our $10k Community Heart & Soul grant and allow us to move into Phase 2: Connection – gathering stories from diverse perspectives. You will be recognized with a Rosendale Heart & Soul Supporter placard for display at your business/organization, a digital graphic for your website, with your business/organization named in our e-newsletter, social media, and on our website, where you can submit your tax-deductible donation digitally.
  • We also welcome matching donation agreements with employers; please contact us to set this up.
  • In-kind contributions like meeting space, food, drink, office supplies, and professional services are gratefully accepted, and volunteer hours are valued at $25 per hour to match new foundation grants.
  • ALL levels of contributions from groups or individuals will support our collective momentum and activate the power of Rosendale to create a better future for all who work, live, and play here. Our online donation process has the options of one-time or monthly auto-pay.
  • Share this information with others: [RH&S Supporters PDF]

The communities of Rosendale include:

  • Binnewater – A hamlet north of Rosendale village.
  • Bloomington – A hamlet in the northeastern part of the town, southeast of Whiteport.
  • Bruceville – A hamlet in the southwestern section of the town, southwest of Rosendale village.
  • Cottekill – A hamlet northwest of Rosendale village.
  • Creeklocks – A hamlet at the eastern town line, south of Bloomington and on the west bank of Rondout Creek.
  • Hickory Bush – A hamlet in the northeastern section of the town, south of Whiteport and located on the west bank of Rondout Creek.
  • High Falls – A hamlet and census-designated place at the town line by the southwestern part of the town.
  • Kallops Corners – A hamlet north of Rosendale village.
  • Lawrenceville – A hamlet west of Rosendale village on Route 213.
  • Lefevere Falls – A hamlet adjacent to the Thruway and northeast of Rosendale village.
  • Maple Hill – A hamlet north of Lefever Falls and Rosendale village.
  • Rosendale (also known as Rosendale Village or Rosendale Hamlet) – A hamlet and census-designated place in the eastern half of the town, by Rondout Creek. It was a village until 1977.
  • Tillson – A hamlet and census-designated place south of Rosendale village
  • Whiteport – A hamlet in the northeastern corner of the town, adjacent to the Thruway.

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