The Heart of Rosendale Heart and Soul 10/15/22

The Heart of Rosendale Heart and Soul 10/15/22

Early R H&S Meeting

The heart of Rosendale Heart & Soul will be stories we collect, one on one, from every community member who will share them. These stories will form an important body of knowledge about our town and will also help us determine our direction in the future. A core tenet of the Heart & Soul practice is to Involve Everyone. To ensure that we are reaching all parts of our community, we will focus next on the a Community Network Analysis of Rosendale, a method designed to make sure that we are reaching all the parts of our community. It includes mapping formal and informal groups, finding out who can introduce us to these groups, and also, critically, it will help broaden the diversity of our Core Team. Please check out the interest form (below), you could be essential in helping us reach more folks in our community.

Got a minute? Got a morning? Got a month?

Many hands make light, and fun, work – the secret is in organizing. There are RH&S activities that take very little time (like connecting us with a community group you know), and activities that are ongoing (like the Communications Team). To find out who can help with what, we are using the excellent Community Heart & Soul interest form. It doesn’t take long to download and fill out (promise) and it could help us immensely. Get the interest form here.

If you would like to take a deep dive into how we are building our teams, check out this CH&S guide: Forming Your Heart & Soul Team.

Our Group Effort

We are super-pleased to share that the Good Work Institute is now the fiscal sponsor of Rosendale Heart and Soul, Inc. The Good Work Institute is a nonprofit based in Kingston focused on fostering a Just Transition. Find out more about this wonderful org here. This unlocks a $10,000 seed grant from Community Heart & Soul Foundation and another $10,000 in matching funds, which will enable us to begin a search for a Project Coordinator. (If you’d like to contribute funding to the match, please reach out to us.)

At our meeting last Sunday, we decided to give Sociocracy a two-month trial as our governance method. Check out these resources for more info: Here is a 4-minute video about Sociography. Here is a 20-minute video with more detail. Here is a PDF booklet with even more detail.