Happy 2024!

Reflecting on the richness of 2023, we find ourselves brimming with optimism as we enter 2024! Throughout the past year, we had the pleasure of engaging with our vibrant community, forging connections with neighbors, and examining the unique tapestry of our town. The insights gleaned have been invaluable.

Our community outreach spanned various events, such as the lively Bloomington Fire Dept.’s Food Truck Fiestas, the Rosendale Farmers Market, the Frozendale festivities and Christmas tree lighting, the new Peace Education Center’s Art Auction, and Rondout Valley School’s Harvest Fall Festival, among others. These occasions served as vibrant forums for gathering ideas, stories, and perspectives from a diversity of people.

More recently, we attended Ulstercorps’ 15th Annual MLK Day Celebration of Service. We were in great company, and in hearing a rendition from Dr.King’s “Drum Major Instinct” sermon we were fortified in our belief that seeking out ALL voices and opinions is the best way towards a unified, secure, and vibrant community.

In addition to these communal gatherings, we hosted our own story-gathering party and conducted several individual interviews with town residents. Currently in Phase 2 of our project, we are happily collecting the diverse ideas and opinions of all our residents. This wealth of information will serve as the foundation for determining the projects that will shape our near future. We recognize that each resident possesses a unique story and perspective, and it has been really interesting getting to know some of our residents on a deeper level.

If you would like to be interviewed or to be an interviewer, please let us know!

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