Rosendale Heart & Soul Mission and Goals 11/22/22

Rosendale Heart & Soul Mission and Goals 11/22/22

It is truly exciting to see our new organization taking shape, meeting by meeting! We’ve accomplished quite a bit lately. We’ve opened a bank account at Ulster Credit Union, and our first funds are soon on the way, thanks to Community Heart & Soul and the Rosendale Chamber of Commerce. We’re super excited that the Rosendale Library, at our suggestion, has purchased a 360 degree camera gizmo for hybrid meetings and we’ll be able to meet at the library and use it.

November 15 Meeting
Mission and Goals

We adopted a mission statement and goals, with the understanding that they are living documents that will be honed and edited as the project grows. The goals, especially, will come from the people of Rosendale, so put on your thinking caps, or aluminum cones, or whatever inspires you, and dream about your ideal town. What does Rosendale need?


Heart and Soul will help us to shape the future of Rosendale by actively seeking the collective wisdom of all residents.


  • Strengthen the social, cultural, and economic vibrancy of our town
  • Engage and reconnect residents, build trust by finding common ground
  • Protect our natural resources
  • Encourage new volunteers and leaders
  • Improve local decision-making
  • Reenergize businesses and institutions, rekindle a sense of community worth.

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