RosenRaps: Mia

Mia by Maria May 1, 2024

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M: So on this beautiful day, I’m just wondering, what are your favorite parts about a Rosendale? What do you love?

Mia: I mean, I love that it still has that small town vibe, like the Main Street of Rosendale.

And I appreciate that it’s smaller. I grew up in a small town, so it’s sort of nice to gravitate towards that. 

M: If there’s something, if you had a friend visiting from another place, where would you take them?

Mia: I think, you know, the Big Cheese is really nice. And just that general strip of air, strip of…

M: So the downtown?  It’s a nice walk, isn’t it?

Mia: Yeah. The overpass is really nice, too, with the bridge.

M: The trestle?

Mia: The trestle.

Yes. How long have you lived in Rosendale?

Mia: I’ve been in Rosendale five years. I was in New Paltz for about ten years before that.

M:Do you have any ideas for Rosendale? If it were yours to choose, would you have any ideas or things you’d like to see?

Mia: I mean, in terms of, like, businesses, in terms of, like…

M: Yes – Everything. What do you miss?

Mia: A taco place would be really nice. I love Santa Fe burger bar. Don’t get me wrong.

M: Yep.

Mia: There, you know, when we first found out that Santa Fe was coming in, we loved the one in Kingston. We were so  excited, and then we found out it wasn’t tacos: not as excited. You know, kind of lacking in the taco business.

M: Anything else?

Mia: I mean, I guess if I put more thought to it, I’m sure I could come up with something, but there’s never really been anything I’ve felt like, oh wow, this town is lacking something.

You know, there’s so much around it to it. It’s easily accessible. I never want a big box store right here, if I need to go to Target, it’s in Kingston.

M: So you don’t want any big box stores?

Mia: No, no, no. Definitely, like, appreciate the small town.

M: Do you have a favorite memory of Rosendale? Anything that’s happened here?

Mia: Uh, the Street Festival is really nice. I’ve had a lot of good memories there for the last two years that they’ve done it, and I wasn’t in town the last.

M: They are looking for volunteers, by the way.

Mia: Oh, okay. Actually, I’ve been thinking about, I do, I’m an art teacher, I make art, so being a vendor there is actually something I’ve been thinking about.

M: Yeah, awesome. Great. That’s it. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

M: Rosendale is precious, I think. Great. Thank you so much.

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