RosenRaps: Jamie

November 3, 2023

Jamie by Kathleen

K: So you know this is very informal, but I’ll just ask you to expand a little bit here more.

So we’d love to know what brought you here and why do you choose to keep staying here?

J: I lived in Newburgh prior to a movie here. My husband at the time bought what is now Jake’s auto to open a ceramic studio. So we rented for a while. Well he worked in his studio space and then we bought a house on 213, and we’ve remained here.

K: What is it that you continue to love here? Why do you keep staying as it were?

J: Just the physical beauty of the area. I live on a street within walking distance to High Falls, to the town. I have wonderful neighbors. And it’s a good dog walking area. And I have no reason to leave.

K: If there was something that changed, that was lost, that would fundamentally change

the way this Rosendale area is, would you have an idea about that?

Like if something went away, what would it be that would really change the way you feel

in this landscape, in this town? It could be anything, like if they blocked off the High Falls dam or something. I don’t know. It’s an interesting question, right?

J:  I would like to see more affordable housing. I think kids who grew up in this area, many of them can’t afford to stay. Although they would like to.

K:  Do you have a specific memory that’s something that happens here for you that really stands out in your mind. Or a time when you had a particular period in your life?

J:  I got  pregnant here, so having my daughter and raising a child here were special memories.

K: Right, was there something in particular that really you felt influenced her or you shared

about this region that made a difference for you and bringing her up and engaging your


J:  I just think giving her a sense of community and having neighbors and knowing what that…

the responsibility of being a good neighbor. Other than that … 

K:  I won’t keep you too much longer, I promise, but that’s a really interesting thing what you said is how would you describe as you taught your daughter or how you understand it, what the responsibility of being a good neighbor is, how do you embody that or live it or think about it?

J: Assisting when a neighbor might need help, and just always be welcoming, just to be…

K:  Like the way you’re being right now, you’re being a good neighbor right now.

K: And aside from affordable housing, is there anything else that you would envision wanting

to change here or need more of or envision? Like in five years, what would you desire?

J:  Taco Bell. Other than that, no.

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