RosenRaps: Andy

September 28, 2023

M: How did you come to live in our community?

A: Well, my partner, my wife, Joellen, lived here twice before. So when we were looking for a place to live in the country, we honed in on Rosendale because we already had friends here. We sealed the deal one day by coming back from visiting friends in Massachusetts and coming across the Rhinecliff Bridge in the afternoon with the sun shining off and both of us let out a big sigh and said, why would we live anywhere else?

M:Okay, where would you take a friend or a relation so that they could experience Rosendale?

Wow, too many choices. We take them to the theater, we take them to any number of good restaurants and then we go for a walk either on Joppenberg or along the rail trail.

M: Tell us something about our community, something that happened to you or something that happens here regularly that reflects what is great or what you love about this community.

A: Well, one of the things that I think reflects how great this community is is the farmers market.

It’s like our forum, it’s like the place where people from all over the community and from all different interest areas in town come together or at least during the season and it’s just a wonderful place. It really is our central park.

M: What would you miss in our community if it wasn’t here and why?

A: Its rural character, and because that’s why we’re here and that’s why most people are that we know.

M: And what about our community is important to continue into the future? What would you change if you could?

A: Well, I think they’re both related. What’s important is for people to be able to afford to live here and in the future I’m hoping that we’ll have more affordable housing and more employment for young people so they’ll want to stay.

Edited by M. Reidelbach

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